My interest in radio and broadcasting started at a very early age. When I was about eight years old I used to play ‘radio’ on an old “Telefunken”, imitating a real radio station.

A few years later he became interested in the technical side of radio and broadcasting. At age twelve he constructed all by himself a “Velleman” radio transmitter. With just a few watts of power I broadcast a CD for my neighbours. I was also responsible for the technical side of his nephew’s band where he became familiar with audio mixers. follow by the purchase of my first ‘JB Systems DJ Mixer’.

In the early 90’s when experimental dance music was played on radio shows like Teknoville (Studio Brussels) and Uncle Frans’s Dance TOP 20 (Radio SIS), I became inspired by it and wanted to broadcast my own radio show. When a local radio station called M.O.S. announcing that they had a vacancy, at the age 14 I responded immediately and was allowed to present a show each Friday Night playing the best available dance music. After only one year, he joined C‐Dance (Radio International) and four years later Radio SIS group. Shortly after his debut, Radio SIS started to broadcast on all TOPradio frequencies in Belgium.

In March 2005 I decided to do more than just radio and invested in my first home studio setup. Pretty quickly the first voice over projects came in and as always I trully enjoyed the combination of working with technology and my voice.

For five years (until February 2008) I broadcast/produced shows like: Rotationz (on Sundays), Essential Beats and The Party Station. During all this time, I attended private diction lessons from one of Belgium’s best voice coaches. This improved his reading and acting quality. I received my Voice Certificate from the Belgian public radio and television (VRT) in February 2008.

In September of 2008 the voice over work took a lot of my time and I decided to stop doing radio and fully focus on my voice over activities. Till date I sill miss doing radio but life is sometimes making tough decisions.

Today, many hours of recordings later and and over a decade of experience I still love doing voice overs since the first time I used my voice on a microphone. I have been fortunate to work with customers from across the world and for leading fortune 500 companies.