Describing a Voice? Naaahhhhh, here are some demos. Please have a listen!


Baileys Coffee TV Commercial

I found the commercial very sexy and at the same time very classy! The new Baileys Coffee TV commercial was recorded with my voice.

Philips Series 9000 TV Commercial

Opening a new dimension to shaving. The brand new Philips Series 9000 takes your shaving experience to space!

Radio Commercials

During the years I have recorded many radio commercials. Here are a few where I could get a hold of. But feel free to ask for a custom demo!


Generic English Commercial Demo - Continental English

“A flexible and versatile voice talent who’s always willing to accommodate and go the extra mile to deliver a top-quality performance. Tim is a dream to work with and that’s why he’s our go-to Flemish voice” Leading UK Voice Casting Agency

Voice Over For

Land Rover